What We Do



A young person can be referred by family, another service or themselves. To access supported accommodation the intake worker will need to speak with the young person.

Assisting Families

Our Early Intervention and Family Support Program provides support to families at risk of a breakdown that may result in a young person becoming homeless.

Out of Home Care

We offer a range of accommodation and support options for children and young people between the ages of 9 and 17 who are under the care of the NSW Minister.

We also offer an extension of this program for young people who are turning 18 and require further accommodation and support.

Our Out-of-Home Care program is accredited under the Office of the Children's Guardian.

Youth Housing

We offer semi-independent housing for homeless or at-risk local young people committed to working with our case managers to develop the skills required to make the transition to living independently in the community.


One of the reasons we have been successfully providing support services to young people on the Northern Beaches since 1981 is our ability to provide additional support services outside our core program areas which include Brokerage, Outreach and Prevention.


We continue to work with young people after they have reached the age when traditional out-of-home care services stop. We help young people to move towards independent living at a pace that suits them.