Refer a Young Person


A young person can be referred by their family, another service or by themselves.  To access supported accommodation the intake worker will need to speak with the young person.

The referral process

  1. The intake worker will collect information about the young person and assess whether their needs can be met by us
  2. The intake worker will provide information about the range of support and accommodation options available and assess which service may be most appropriate for the young person’s needs
  3. If the young person and/or family are interested in working with us, an interview will be arranged at the office as soon as possible
  4. If we are unable to provide support or accommodation to the young person, the intake worker will assist with information and referrals to other services
  5. For young people referring for supported accommodation, personal references are required and will be contacted to verify the information provided
Refer a young person

Make a Referral

If you would like to make a referral or for more information please contact the intake worker on (02) 8976 1777.

Please note – We do not provide crisis accommodation.