Partner with us


There are many ways to participate in our work. While one of the best ways to help the young people we work alongside is a financial or in kind contribution, there are many other ways too.

You can also assist by choosing to become a carer for young people or to volunteer. Volunteering in service delivery programmes are limited, however, we run many events and are always in need of volunteers to assist in running these smoothly. Please contact us if you are interested in helping and would like to discuss opportunities.

You may be able to offer a unique product or service that will support our work and change the lives of young people. The possibilities are endless, and often hugely inspiring.

If you would like to partner with us in any way and help us to solve youth homelessness please get in touch!

We put together a wish list of goods and services, check it out and see if you can assist.



Giving comes in all shapes and forms. Our community of supporters regularly provide goods and services for the public good. This is what we call in-kind giving.

What are in-kind donations?

In-kind donations may be physical stuff like furniture, clothes, necessities (food, toiletries), school supplies, equipment and the like or consist of donations in the form of professional expertise, skills and services such as legal services or property refurbishment, facility management and the like.

In-kind donations help us to access goods and services that may otherwise be out of our reach. It helps to stretch every dollar raised further and to provide better things for young people and to make REAL homes for them.


Community working bees make a big, practical difference to our work and to our young people - we have some amazing - we mean AMAZING - partners and organisations helping out.

The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) connects us with other organisations all the time to help alleviate child and youth homelessness. These organisations are across a variety of industries providing numerous services and products that will help services like ours to keep youth safe and secure.


  • You, your organisation and employees can create a perceivable difference to the lives of vulnerable young people.
  • Community working bees can be a fun, uplifting and engaging change for employees from their usual focus.
  • Becoming a corporate partner, demonstrates your commitment to the community.
  • Support us to do even more for our young people by making our dollar go further.
  • Your donation may be tax deductible.


The Annual Charity Golf Day has developed into a fixture on our calendar and is much more than just a fundraiser. We look forward to the day all year and put the emphasis on you getting the most out of the day. You can participate just for fun or you can be competitive. The day gives all of us an opportunity to chat, share ideas and enjoy each other's company. Get your invitation here.


If you know you want to raise money for us but you’re not sure where to start then this page is a good place. Below we have put together some information for you on the different types of fundraising you can do plus our list of top fundraising ideas... read more on our Community Fundraising page.



The people over at BINGO Industries have been a huge support to The Burdekin Association by providing about  $10,000 - $15,000 worth of bins over the last year. The bins are being used to clean up properties....such wonderful support that we are really appreciative of.

We are always saying this but ... it really does take a village and we are so lucky to have found ours! Thank you everyone for your precious time and donations.


The team at Johnson Wintery and Slate, an Australian law firm with Sydney offices, loaned a pro bono legal hand to our newly acquired Inner West Residential Services. The work was time-intensive and critical to the service we provide and involved many hours on the weekend breaking the legalistics down into plain English….without their legal skills and knowledge the transfer wouldn’t have been possible.


King Living have been donating the most beautiful lounges from one of their stunning ranges to one of our Stanmore properties. These pieces have gone into new homes for our young people and look amazing.

"We received the beautiful couch and dining table set on Monday which was assembled by two really lovely men. The Burdekin Association is grateful for the ongoing support both organisations provide. The houses we find automatically feel like homes with the quality of these items." Matt, The Burdekin Association.


Thank you to Norton Rose Fullbright (NRF) Sydney for assisting with the preparation of a Crown land lease and lengthy negotiations. This involved tricky advice and a lot of work, we are so grateful for the most professional pro bono advice. Additionally, NRF lawyers also loaned their expertise to reviewing the new lease for our new Inner West Residential services. We appreciate you so much!

Bringing people together to create a better world for young people.


Bunnings and Taubmans Paints

Ensuring fire safety in our properties is a priority for us and we thank Bunnings Warringah Mall for donating fire safety products such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, first aid kits and other fire safety accessories to reduce the risk of fire and keep our young people safe both in the Inner West and Northern Beaches.

The Burdekin Learning Space

Recently the wonderful people at Bunnings Warringah Mall and Taubmans Paints helped us with a very special project – The Burdekin Learning Space. We are thrilled to say that, at a property in North Head, we now have a classroom, therapy room and sensory room. Our young people are going to benefit so so much from this space where specialist education workers will provide trauma informed education. None of this would be possible without the kindness and generosity of community! Read more about our Learning Space and Education Specialists fundraising page here.

Multiplex Construction and the Property Industry Foundation

Support from Multiplex Construction and the Property Industry Foundation involved considerable time and financial investment into completing works on one of our properties. Work included a remodelled and widened front yard, security lights, replacement of two kitchens and more. Where would we be without our community?!

Further thanks must also be extended to: Euroline Joinery, Austral Interiors, Goldline Electrical, Peter Kelly Flooring, Moits, Planet Plumbing, AYZ Landscapes, Team Members Tiling, Harvey Norman Commercial and Metrotex Painting and Decorating. As well as, special thanks to our own Matt Nugent, Jade Nicholson (Multiplex) and Maureen Collins (PIF) for bringing the project to fruition…. amazing, amazing commitment and goodwill.

Multiplex Construction and the Property Industry Foundation supporting The Burdekin Association

the Stanmore property working bee with Charterhall and Flick Macqueen Plant Designs

Staff from Charterhall and plants and pots from Flick Macqueen Plant Design helped us with a garden design at one of our Stanmore properties. Charterhall's website says: "Our team are encouraged to give 1% of their time to support community projects."

What an amazing ethos and the team did an incredible job.

Stanmore Garden Design

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