Our Volunteer Program

Would you like to volunteer with The Burdekin Association

The Burdekin Volunteer Program was established in 2020 following numerous expressions of interest to volunteer with Burdekin. The purpose of the Burdekin Volunteer Program to date has been to:

  • identify potential areas where we could benefit most from the work of volunteers;
  • create a volunteer team;
  • identify what skills are required for the volunteer positions;
  • organise a support system for our volunteers;
  • recruitment; and
  • training and induction.

The team

A lot has been going on behind the scenes as we put our team together and focused on the objectives of the Burdekin Volunteer Program.

  • Jill Wrathall is our Volunteer Manager, who throughout the process has helped us to understand what we needed.
  • Kim Backhouse was next to come on board as our Volunteer Co-ordinator.
  • And we also have Kerri Muir as the Northern Beaches Co-ordinator and Renee Harrison as the Inner West Co-ordinator.
Our Volunteer Co-ordinators
Jill Wrathall, Volunteer Manager and Kim Backhouse Volunteer Co-ordinator

The team meet on a regular basis to discuss:

  • the areas of activity that we have highlighted as potential areas for volunteer engagement;
  • volunteer recruitment, induction and training;
  • how the program is progressing;
  • what the problems and solutions are;
  • yearly activities;
  • harnessing the energy and commitment of our team of volunteers.

Current volunteer vacancies

  • driving supervision;
  • mentoring support;
  • coordinating programs;
  • general maintenance;
  • ‘House Angel’ – this role is varied to suit the needs of a particular residence – for example cook.
We are recruiting volunteers in the Northern Beaches and Inner West areas of Sydney.
Maybe you have skills such as driving supervision that you would like to share with young people

Potential vacancies in the future

  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Admin
  • Sports
  • Companion
  • Teaching
  • Tech

Our Volunteers

We currently have a total of 10 volunteers with another 3 going through the recruitment process and 4 that are on student placements as well as volunteering.

Volunteers should be able to give 2-4 hours per week and live in or near Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Inner West areas.

If you would like more information about our volunteer program please visit our volunteer page and our current vacancies page.

Volunteers are people of all ages and backgrounds and play a significant role in creating a society that we all benefit from directly or indirectly.

Our young people and the community benefit immensely from volunteers.
Volunteers bring immeasurable value to the lives of young people

Inner West Foster Carers Needed

Are you ready to help a young person in need?

Ever thought about becoming a Foster Carer? We are always looking for Foster Carers and currently particularly in the Inner West/South East, Eastern Region of Sydney.

Being a Carer with The Burdekin Association is different from traditional foster care with lots of different options and huge support! Are you ready to make a difference to a young persons life?

Foster Carers are part of a support team that work with our young people (aged 9-18 years) enabling them towards independence.

We can even provide a home for you and the young person – rent free – or you can live in your own home with the young person. You must live in the Inner West/South East, Eastern region of Sydney for this particular call out.

For more information please contact Sarah: 02 8976 1777 or carer@burdekin.org.au

We are looking for Foster Carers in the Inner West/South East, Eastern region of Sydney.

New Volunteer Co-ordinator role

Our Volunteer Co-ordinators
Jill Wrathall (BA staff member and experienced foster carer) and Kim Backhouse, our new Volunteer Co-ordinator at the BA Christmas party in December 2020

We are very lucky to have these two fabulous women in our corner. Jill Wrathall is one of our Out of Home Care Managers. Jill also coordinates our volunteer program, is also an experienced foster carer and a hive of knowledge!

Kim Backhouse is our new Volunteer Co-ordinator. This is a new role with us, which will see Kim use her local knowledge and leadership skills to organise and oversee our volunteers as part of the Burdekin Volunteer Program. We truly believe that our volunteers play a vital role in our work, we couldn’t do it without them. Keep your eyes peeled for updates now we have Kim on board! More information can be found on our Volunteer page.

Burdekin Volunteers at our Christmas party December 2020

Christmas 2020 and Carers

The Burdekin Association

It is almost Christmas – a typical family time when some of our young people feel intensely isolated and lonely. Christmas evokes images of happy times spent with family and friends and it can hit children and young people in care hard as it shows up what they are lacking. We, of course, try really hard to make it a special time for the young people in our care, with presents and extra attention.

The Youth Support Fund

This is where you come in. We wish to raise money this Christmas to provide young people with the opportunity to access a fund they apply to for items that make a difference in their lives. It could be new shoes for an interview, a laptop to study online, swimming lessons for their child or a moving in pack for a new residency. We believe it is important to support young people’s independence and provide them with choices they would experience in a family context as well. Please take a look at our Christmas 2020 Appeal and our Youth Support Fund and see if you can help in any way. You might like to organise your own Christmas fundraising event and nominate Burdekin as the beneficiary! If you can, please donate to the Youth Support Fund!

Live-in Foster Carers

We have vacancies and need Live-In Foster Carers in the Inner West, Eastern and South East Sydney. Please have a look at our Carers page, our Carers FAQ page and our Meet Our Carers page and see if this is something you or someone you know may be interested in. If it’s not for you, please share this link with someone you think would be a great fit for Burdekin.

Simone is 15 and one of 7 children. She has lived with her aunt and uncle since she was 5 but her behaviour has become unsettled this year.

She was suspended from school for rudeness to teachers. Following this, her aunt and uncle have said they can no longer care for her. Simone is remorseful and is looking to make a fresh start with a welcoming family. Simone is waiting for someone to welcome her into their home. Could this be you giving her a second chance?