Become a Carer


A Burdekin, we believe every young person has the right to a life that offers opportunities to fulfil their potential. If you share this belief, we would love to hear from you.

Burdekin Carers are adults who have been assessed and approved by us to provide accommodation, care and support to a young person.

Carers work as a team together with our staff and the young person to enable them to become more stable and independent.

To be a Burdekin carer you must...

Successfully complete the detailed assessment process, including reference checks, working with children checks and prohibited person’s assessment.

  • enjoy the company of teenagers, like spending time with and listening to them.
  • appreciate the culture of youth.
  • be non-judgemental of young people and respect their views.
  • be accessible to young people and help with difficulties as they arise.
  • be a positive role model.
  • be a team player with a sense of humour and tolerance of difference.
  • be confident with managing young people’s behaviour.
  • be willing to participate in ongoing compulsory training.
  • be willing to participate in meetings as required.
  • be open to feedback and to take on board comments.

You MUST get a Working With Children Check and a National Police Check to be able to work as a Carer.

A Carer Provides...

  • practical assistance with daily tasks as needed.
  • a positive environment in which successes are acknowledged.

With support from our staff, a carer also provides...

  • assistance with a young person’s chosen goals such as opportunities to learn and practise living skills.
  • clear and negotiated boundaries and limits for young people within the home.
  • feedback to young people about appropriate behaviour and community expectations.
  • facilitation of negotiated and agreed strategies to guide young people towards achieving positive outcomes.

We inspire HOPE.

Hear it in their own words:

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