Young lives, lived to their FULL POTENTIAL.

We continue to work with young people after they have reached the age when traditional Out-of-Home-Care services stop. We help young people to move towards independent living at a pace that suits them. While young people may move to different accommodation, they are still supported by the same people.

The role of Aftercare is to continue to support young people into their transition to adulthood. Aftercare builds on the work that our young people have undertaken before they turned 18 and may include us providing information and guidance on things like:

  • How to access services
  • Skills to manage finances
  • Support with education and employment
  • Guidance on staying safe, looking after mental health and parenthood
  • Promoting independence whilst they still have support
  • Planning for the future

Our Aftercare recognises that young people still need care once they turn 18 because they are still vulnerable to the pitfalls of life and need the support of committed adults. Studies show that good, well-planned preparation and support for leaving care leads to better outcomes, stability and feelings of inclusion and identity. Our post-care options are flexible and meet the needs of the young people in our care.